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Export - Import

     According to the needs of each costumer, BRCOMMEX identifies suppliers of these specialized equipments for any business sector. Ex: mowers, excavators, tractors, and others.


Export - Import - Equipments e Aircrafts

     BRCOMMEX has in the USA a complete structure for locate and buy aircrafts of small, medium and large sizes and its accessories and parts. We also have companies specialized in certification of these aircrafts to sale and use in the Brazilian market.

     The BRCOMMEX also has a special authorization for tax reduction in importing to Brazil Aircrafts and others.


Export - Import

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With more than 20 years acting as international trade developing international relations.

Specialist in special wood products for premium international markets.

Natural Stones in resinated and polished slabs, with or without finishing and decorative Stones (pebbles).

Development of consulting projects with specialized professionals in many fields.

The Brcommex is also:










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